DNA strand and Cancer Cell


Providing sensitivity for patient samples through ctDNA testing

Liquid biopsies are a minimally invasive sampling approach to overcome the heterogeneity of tumors and represent a valuable source of circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) for oncological biomarker analysis. These samples contain a wealth of genetic information that can be used to inform disease diagnosis, guide therapeutic actions, monitor treatment effectiveness, and detect disease relapse. 

The use of ctDNA as a surrogate for tissue DNA has become increasingly popular, and advances in the detection and characterization of ctDNA have enable liquid biopsy assay integration into clinical practice.

ctDNA measurements require a highly sensitive and reliable detection technology to quantify often low-level genetic aberrations within a high background of wild-type sequences, and digital PCR has emerged as a powerful technology for the next-generation analysis of liquid biopsies. 

From sample extraction to analysis

The naica® system offers a fast, easy-to-use platform for quantification of genetic targets  with the highest multiplexing available on the market today. When coupled with a sample preparation platform such as the Maxwell® RSC instruments from Promega, users are provided with a seamless end-to-end workflow – from sample preparation to analysis.

A) Representative 2D plots of wild-type (WT) deletion Exon 19 and B) deletion Exon 19 positive cfDNA samples. C) Representative 2D plots of WT insertion Exon 20 and D) insertion Exon 20 positive cfDNA samples.
6 Color EGFR kit
EGFR 6-color Crystal Digital PCR™ Kit detection design.

Detect genetic mutations across oncological indications

Stilla provides digital PCR kits out-of-the-box, as well as custom assay design services in order to help researchers detect and quantify genes across multiple cancer indications through a liquid biopsy test. 

EGFR mutation detection

  1. Publications
    Detection of EGFR Mutations in Plasma cfDNA and Paired CTCs of NSCLC Patients before and after Osimertinib Therapy Using Crystal Digital PCR
  2. Application Notes
    High multiplex, ultrasensitive EGFR detection using the EGFR 6-color Crystal Dgital PCR Kit
  3. Poster
    Detection of EGFR mutations in plasma cfDNA and paired CTCs of NSLC patients before and after osimertinib therapy using Crystal Digital PCR
  4. Webinar
    Detection of EGFR mutations in plasma cfDNA and CTCs of NSCLC patients using Crystal Digital PCR™
  5. Analysis
    Detect EGFR mutations in 6-colors with the EGFR 6-color Crystal Digital PCR Kit

Other indications

  1. Publications
    Detection of oncogenic mutations in paired circulating tumor DNA and circulating tumor cells in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma
  2. Application Notes
    A detection of hypermethylated circulating tumor DNA by Crystal Digital PCR
  3. Poster
    An ultrasensitive high-plex assay detection 24 PIK3CA mutations using SAGAsafe technology and 6-color Crystal Digital PCR
  4. Poster
    Robust sample recovery post-digital PCR for downstream genomic application

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