Digital PCR Reagents and Chips Compatible with the Nio™ and Naica® System

Digital PCR workflows do not need to be challenging. Stilla Technologies cutting-edge patented microfluidic innovation integrates the Crystal Digital PCR® workflow into a single consumable. Combined with specially-formulated Nio™ and naica® PCR MIX reagents, researchers get maximized sensitivity and flexible throughput with simple reaction assembly and minimal hands-on time.

Crystal Digital PCR® Chip Consumables

Stilla offers two types of easy-to-use Crystal Digital PCR® chip consumables. Depending on your individual digital PCR workflow needs, select the optimal chip type for your application. After sample preparation, each chip requires just a single pipetting step before being loaded into the Nio+ or naica® system for partitioning, PCR amplification, and sample read-out.

Ruby Chip

For higher throughput applications, the Ruby Chip offers the analysis of up to 384 samples per run. The Ruby Chip is also compatible with integration to automated liquid handling equipment. Made for the Nio™ and naica® systems.

Capacity  16 samples/chip 
Input volume  5 µL/chamber 
Droplets per sample  Up to 17,000  
Dynamic range*  ~ 4.7 log 
Compatible systemsNio™ and naica®
*analytical specifications are assay-dependent

Sapphire Chip

For maximum template input volume and high sensitivity applications, the Sapphire Chip can be loaded with up to 4 samples per chip, and generate up to 30,000 droplets per sample.
The Sapphire Chip supports applications such as rare mutation detection, liquid biopsy, gene expression analysis, and pathogen detection. Made for the naica® systems.

Capacity  Up to 4 samples/chip 
Input volume  25 µL/chamber 
Droplets per sample  Up to 30,000
Dynamic range*  ~ 5 log 
Compatible systemsnaica®
*analytical specifications are assay-dependent

Crystal Digital PCR® Reagents

Specially-formulated Nio™ and naica® PCR reagents ensure optimal performance for Crystal Digital PCR®. Through Stilla’s ready-to-use reagents solutions, acquire sensitive measurements for diverse DNA and RNA applications on the Nio™ and naica® system.

Crystal Universal Reporters

ReferenceProduct NameVolume
R41401Crystal Universal Reporter 330 µL
R41402Crystal Universal Reporter 3150 µL
R42401Crystal Universal Reporter 730 µL
R42402Crystal Universal Reporter 7150 µL

naica® multiplex PCR MIX (TaqMan® compatible)

The naica® multiplex PCR MIX is a ready-to-use two-component solution specially formulated for optimal TaqMan® fluorescent probe-based Crystal Digital PCR® and high multiplexing capacity.

ReferenceProduct NameVolume
R10054naica® multiplex PCR MIX 5X0.750mL
R10055naica® multiplex PCR MIX 5X1.50mL
R10104naica® multiplex PCR MIX 10X0.375mL
R10105naica® multiplex PCR MIX 10X0.750mL

naica® multiplex PCR MIX technical resources

  • Combined Shape

    Instructions for Use

  • Combined Shape
  • Combined Shape

    Sensitive & Flexible Crystal Digital PCR quantification using the naica® multiplex PCR MIX

  • Combined Shape

    Robust and sensitive 6-color Crystal Digital PCR using the naica® multiplex PCR MIX

  • naica® PCR MIX (Crystal Flex Probe and EvaGreen® compatible)

    ReferenceProduct NameVolume
    R10056naica® PCR MIX 5X1.50mL
    R10106naica® PCR MIX 10X0.750mL
    Digital PCR Chips and PCR Reagents

    naica® PCR MIX technical resources

  • Combined Shape

    Instructions for Use

  • Combined Shape
  • Combined Shape

    Accurate Crystal Digital PCR® quantification of a human target gene using the maica PCR MIX and EvaGreen

  • naica® IQ/OQ Kit

    Routine Operational Qualification (OQ) procedures of the naica® system and Nio™+ can be performed using the naica® IQ/OQ Kit, a ready-to-use OQ solution to closely monitor equipment compliance to operating specifications. Use the naica® IQ/OQ Kit to qualify the naica® system and Nio™+ on a periodic basis in accordance with established standard operating procedures (SOPs).

    ReferenceProduct NameNumber of Reactions
    R30001naica® IQ/OQ Kit24 reactions on the Sapphire Chip (2 full OQ of the naica® system)
    96 reactions on the Ruby Chip (1 full OQ of the Nio™+)

    naica® IQ/OQ Kit technical resources

  • Combined Shape

    Instructions for Use (naica® system)

  • Combined Shape
  • Combined Shape

    Product Flyer

  • For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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