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About Stilla careers

Stilla Technologies is a rapidly growing company and we are looking for talented and motivated individuals with expertise in microfluidics, chemistry, molecular biology, hardware engineering, computer science, sales & finance to join our team!

Our mission is to improve health by offering high precision genetic analysis solutions to researchers and clinicians worldwide.

If you are passionate about improving human health outcomes and are looking to help develop cutting-edge Life Science products based on deep technological innovation- join our international multidisciplinary team!

The Professional equity index

The professional equity index is an important measure to promote gender equality within the company.

In 2023, Stilla Technologies achieved a score of 92/100, which shows our commitment to professional equality.

L’index d’égalité professionnelle

L’index d’égalité professionnelle est une mesure importante visant à promouvoir l’égalité femmes-hommes au sein de l’entreprise.

En 2023, Stilla Technologies a obtenu un score de 92/100, ce qui témoigne de notre engagement en faveur de l’égalité professionnelle.