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About Stilla Technologies, a Biotechnology Company

About Us

Stilla Technologies is the multiplex digital PCR company transforming complex genomic data into actionable insights across a wide range of research and clinical applications including cancer and liquid biopsy studies, cell and gene therapies, infectious disease detection, and food and environmental testing. Stilla’s groundbreaking Crystal Digital PCR™ solution, the Nio™ system, is the industry’s first digital PCR system featuring six fluorescent channels, providing biomedical researchers and clinicians the highest multiplexing and detection capacity available on the market. Stilla has U.S. headquarters in Boston, MA, European headquarters in Paris, France, and strategic distribution and business partnerships in China and throughout EMEA.

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Our Mission

Improve health by offering high precision genetic analysis solutions to researchers and clinicians worldwide

At Stilla Technologies, we continuously innovate and evolve technologically toward better human health outcomes. Our global team with multidisciplinary expertise shares a passion to develop new products for advanced genetic testing and analysis. Our expertise spans from microfluidics and chemistry to molecular biology and computer science.

Our product, the Nio™ System, has been adopted by researchers & clinicians around the world to develop a wide range of genetic tests and molecular biology assays – including, but not limited to, liquid biopsy tests for cancer diagnostics, infectious diseases, and GMO detection.