Naica® System Compatible Digital PCR Test Kit and Assays

Detect and Quantify Nucleic Acids

Crystal Digital PCR® kits allows researchers to detect and quantify nucleic acids with ready-to-use, pre-designed assays for fully-validated target panels. These digital PCR panel kits are specially developed by Stilla Technologies and its partners. For fully-customizable kits and/or custom assay development, contact our expert services team.

Crystal Digital PCR® Kits for Oncology

EGFR 6-color Crystal Digital PCR® Kit

The EGFR 6-color Crystal Digital PCR® Kit allows for the detection and quantification of up to 32 somatic EGFR mutations in exons 18, 19, 20, and 21 associated with non-small cell cancer (NSCLC).

The EGFR 6-color Crystal Digital PCR® Kit provides a fully validated, specific, and ultrasensitive assay for the 6-color naica® and Nio™+ systems. The kit can be used to test cell-free DNA (cfDNA) extracted from plasma samples and genomic DNA isolated from FFPE tissue sections.

The EGFR 6-color Crystal Digital PCR® Kit is a ready-to-use solution comprised of six components, including the high-perfomance naica® multiplex PCR MIX 10X, an optimal primer and probe solution, a set of positive and negative controls, and water for sample dilution.

ReferenceProduct NameNumber of Reactions
R30006EGFR 6-color Crystal Digital PCR® Kit192 reactions on the Ruby Chip on Nio™+

48 reactions on the Sapphire Chip on the naica® system

EGFR 6-color Crystal Digital PCR® Kit technical resources

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  • The IDENTIFY Kit Line

    The IDENTIFY digital PCR kit line provides detection for multiplexed mutation panels using fully-validated, specific, and sensitive Crystal Digital PCR™ solutions on the 3-color naica® system for a variety of oncology target panels.

    Use Crystal Digital PCR™ to test for mutations across multiple indications using circulating cell-free DNA from liquid biopsies or tumor DNA from solid biopsies. 

    The IDENTIFY Kit Line


      IDNRAS Solution

      Detection of NRAS mutations from tumor DNA


      IDEGFR Solution

      Detection of EGFR mutations in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)

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      IDKRAS Solution

      Detection of KRAS mutations from tumor DNA


      IDBRAF Solution

      Detection of BRAF mutations at position V600


      IDPIK3CA Solution

      Detection of PIK3CA mutations from tumor DNA

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      IDIDH1-2 Solution

      Detection of IDH1 and IDH2 mutations from tumor DNA


      IDH3F3A Solution

      Detection of H3F3A mutations from tumor DNA


      IDBRAF-CNS Solution

      Detection of BRAF mutations in brain tumors

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      IDFGFR1-CNS Solution

      Detection of FGFR1 mutations in brain tumors

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      IDTERT Solution

      Detection of TERT gene promoter mutations in tumor DNA

    Digital PCR Kits for Clinical Screening

    iSAFE™ Non-Invasive Prenatal Test Assay

    The iSAFE™ Non-Invasive Prenatal Test (NIPT) Assay applies Crystal Digital PCR™ technology on the 6-color naica® system to accurately quantify the copy numbers of chromosome 21, 18, and 13 in maternal blood cell-free DNA (cfDNA). The iSAFE™ NIPT Assay screens for aneuploidy of chromosomes 21 (Down Syndrome), 18 (Edwards Syndrome), and 13 (Patau Syndrome) in singleton pregnancies and allows for fetal fraction calculation and gender determination. 

    The iSAFE™ NIPT Assay includes optimized reagents to be used in combination with the naica® multiplex PCR MIX to screen for multiple targets in a high-plex and simple workflow on the naica® system. 

    (The iSAFE™ NIPT Assay does not include the naica® multiplex PCR MIX, which is sold separately.)


    The iSAFE™ NIPT Assay is only available in selected regions. The exclusion of commercial NIPT services applies only in the United States and the European Union

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    For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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