The Multiplex Digital PCR Company

Having taken digital PCR to a whole new level, Stilla Technologies makes absolute quantification of multiple genetic markers and multiple tests from a single sample possible for the first time.

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Imagine The Possibilities

From quantifying CTCs in liquid biopsies for oncology, to detecting low-level genetic variants in infectious diseases, dPCR is allowing researchers to parse complex genomics data in order to gain realworld, clinical insights at both the patient and the population level.


World’s Most Powerful System

It is the world’s most powerful system of its kind for running multiple tests from a single sample.

Up to 30,000 droplets per sample
Fluorescent channels
Less than 3 hours time to result
Log dynamic range

Customer Testimonials

  • We are extremely satisfied with the naica® system, which fully answers our needs in terms of precision and reproducibility

    Dr. Ludovic LaCroix

    Dir. Translational Research | Gustave Roussy

  • The major advantage of this system is the possibility to multiplex targets in one PCR, according to the 3 fluorescence…

    Caroline Chapusot & Benjamin Tournier
  • We are interested in using the instrument for multiprobes detection, as well as to take advantage of crystal sample partition…

    Zhenhong Li, PhD

    Senior Director of Analytics | RegenXBio

  • The time to result is very fast and the droplet generation and PCR is obtained in 2 hours. Stilla® has…

    Dr Philippe Nizard

    dPCR expert | Paris Descartes University

  • We have found the naica® platform easy to implement and operate. It provides the flexibility and consistency of performance required…

    Lee Murphy

    Head of Genetics Core | University of Edinburgh

  • I would like to take this opportunity to reiterate how much we appreciate the quality of our interactions, both commercial…

    Dr. Fabien Fuche

    Sr Research Scientist | Eligo Biosciences