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Nio™ offers a simple digital PCR workflow that supports 7 colors, a capacity of up to 768 samples per 8-hour workday, continuous loading and, easy-to-use software.

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Digital PCR can be used for highly accurate DNA quantification. Read our latest application & technical notes:

  • ESR1 mutations
  • EGFR mutations

ESR1 mutation detection in FFPE and Plasma DNA of breast cancer samples using Crystal Digital PCR® and Nio™+.

To detect and quantify the most frequent ESR1 mutations in a single test, this application note explores the ESR1 12-plex dPCR assay. FFPE DNA and Plasma cfDNA samples from breast cancer patients were analyzed using this assay on the Nio™+ system and the results were compared to previously obtained cdPCR results from Centre Eugène Marquis.

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EGFR mutation detection in NSCLC FFPE samples using Crystal Digital PCR® and Nio™+

In this application note, we describe an assay to detect and quantify several EGFR mutations in a single test, without sacrificing precision or reliability of the results, using the EGFR 6-color Crystal Digital PCR® Kit . The FFPE DNA NSCLC samples were analyzed using this 6-color multiplex assay on Nio™+ and the results were compared to previous NGS results obtained. This study was performed at the CHU Pontchaillou (Rennes, France).

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On- and off-target detection in a CRISPR-edited mammalian cell line using a single-step 3-color Crystal Digital PCR™ assay

The generation and usage of homozygous fluorescent knock-in mammalian cell lines using sequence-specific Cas-endonucleases is a commonly used procedure. However, to identify the desired genetic modification and reject clones with off-target events, hundreds of monoclonal colonies need to be screened. The maintenance and screening of these clones is a laborious, time-consuming, and error-prone process. With the European Molecular Biology Laboratory, we implemented a single-step 3-color assay using Crystal Digital PCR™ to assess on-target copy number and detect off-target events simultaneously.

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Stilla Technologies

EGFR 6-color Crystal Digital PCR™ Kit

The EGFR 6-color Crystal Digital PCR™ kit reliably detects 32 common, rare, activating, and resistant somatic EGFR mutations in a single assay.

Atila BioSystems

NRAS Multiplex Mutation Screening Assay

Detection of possible 35 NRAS gene mutation sites from cfDNA.

Atila BioSystems

KRAS Multiplex Mutation Screening Assay

Detection of possible 61 KRAS gene mutation sites from cfDNA.


IDBRAF Solution

Detection of BRAF mutations at position V600.


IDPIK3CA Solution

Detection of PIK3CA mutations from tumor DNA.

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Nio™ is the only 7-color instrument on the market, giving you easy access to 7 target capabilities. For even higher plexed assays, you can combine colors to achieve well over 20 targets in a single chamber; natively supported in our software.

384 chambers per day

In any 8 hour span of laboratory work, Nio™+ offers a capacity of 384 chambers processed. With dual thermocyclers and a smart Chip Plate queue built in, you could process over 384 chambers.


No messing around with oils, no transferring plates, no nothing. You can add mix and samples to the chips, insert the Chip Plates and just press play. Digital PCR in an all-in-one instrument. Measuring just 56cm by 67cm, the Nio™ fits in any lab.

Continuous loading

Laboratory work is not easy to schedule. Nio™ allows you to add Chip Plates whenever you want, whether the instrument is running an experiment or not.