The Multiplex Digital PCR Company

Having taken digital PCR to a whole new level, Stilla Technologies makes absolute quantification of multiple genetic markers and multiple tests from a single sample possible for researchers across a breadth of applications.

Imagine The Possibilities

From quantifying ctDNA in liquid biopsies for oncology, to detecting low-level genetic variants in infectious diseases, dPCR is allowing researchers to parse complex genomics data in order to gain realworld, actionable genetic insights at both the patient and the population level.
Imagine The Possibilities

World’s Most Powerful System

The high-sensitivity 6-color naica® system is the world’s most powerful digital PCR platform, offering the highest multiplexing capability on the market.
0 30000
Up to 30,000 droplets per sample
0 6
Fluorescent channels
0 hours 3 hours
Less than 3 hours time to result
0 5
Log dynamic range
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