Learning & Resources

Digital PCR Learning Center

Welcome to the Digital PCR Learning Center (formerly known as www.gene-pi.com), a platform available for all scientists interested in digital PCR, from novice to experts. This center aims to provide the latest information to enable users to learn the essentials of digital PCR while remaining instrument agnostic. Here, researchers can find content and tutorials on everything from explaining the basics of digital PCR to step-by-step guides on computing Limit of Blank and Limit of Detection.

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    Principles of dPCR

    Get started with the basics of digital PCR, including terminology and a brief history of how this innovative technique is harnessed by researchers.

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    Find step-by-step guides on how to run experiments using digital PCR. In this section, find everything from instructions on how to design primers and probes to performing rare mutation detection.

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    Statistical Tools

    Downloadable tools to automatically estimate the Limit of Blank and Limit of Detection, compute with Poisson Law and calculate copy number variation.

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    Find a digital PCR course or training through one of our various partners and partner universities.

Stilla Technologies Resources

Find practical applications, published papers, guides, and support for the Nio™+ & naica® systems

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    Tutorials & Webinars

    Watch research presented by Nio™+ and naica® system users, as well as from scientists at Stilla Technologies.

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    Application Notes

    A collection of experiments performed on the Nio™+ and naica® system demonstrating its performance for both general and specific applications.

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    Technical Notes

    Download our technical notes for step-by-step guides on operating the Nio™+ and naica® system for digital PCR applications.

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    Publications & Articles

    Read peer-reviewed papers detailing research performed on the Nio+ and naica® system.

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    Stilla Technologies has partnered with industry leaders to bring to market content and workflow support for digital PCR on the Nio™+ and naica® system across a breadth of applications.

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    For Nio™+ and naica® system users, download user guides, instructions for use, and software in order to fully harness the capabilities of multiplex digital PCR.