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The naica® system

Get absolute quantification of multiple genetic targets in a single run

Digital PCR (dPCR) is a powerful tool used for the precise and highly sensitive quantification of nucleic acids.

The naica® system is an easy-to-use dPCR platform that harnesses cutting-edge microfluidic technology to integrate the dPCR workflow onto a single consumable chip. The technology, known as Crystal Digital PCR™, partitions samples into a large array of thousands of individual droplet crystals – each its own reaction compartment – before amplifying nucleic acid molecules in each droplet crystal. These reactions are tagged with fluorophores to be read using up to six different fluorescence light channels.

This makes for a fast and simple workflow that provides even more sensitivity while reducing time to results and saving precious sample.


Six fluorescent channels

The highest multiplexing capability

The accurate and precise quantification of multiple targets in a single reaction saves you both time and precious sample. The naica® system gives researchers the ability to read up to six fluorescent signatures in one well, providing better sensitivity and increased low-level detection of multiple reactions in parallel.

Results you can see

User-friendly Crystal Miner software

Crystal Miner Software provides intuitive visuals for image analysis, allowing you to not only explore your data but to also see your data by inspecting droplet crystals for quality control. Crystal Miner Software measures the concentrations of targeted nucleic acids, providing automatic identification of positive and negative droplet crystals for all fluorescence channels.

Along with the ability to read data arranged along 1D, 2D, and 3D dot plots, you’ll get access to raw data to export all experiment details and results.

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Greater precision, accuracy, and sensitivity

Increasing adaptability across application areas

Digital PCR has proven its adaptability in numerous molecular assays and is now recognized as a reliable method not only for rare alleles and rare mutations detection but also for genotyping, absolute quantification, and copy number variation.

The naica system has been successfully implemented in the wide variety of applications, including:

Cancer and liquid biopsy
Cell and gene therapy
Infection disease detection
GMO and environmental testing


Simple to use

High performance. Low complexity.

With a combination of powerful imaging, the flexibility to use up to six detection channels, and a proprietary software for analysis, the naica® system brings simplicity to digital PCR.

Little technical expertise is required to operate the platform - with a simple pipetting step and loading the chips onto the instrument, you can run your assays with just a few minutes of actual hands-on time needed.

The naica® system is comprised of:

  • naica® system dPCR mixes and reagents kits
  • Consumable chips (Sapphire or Opal)
  • Geode (automated droplet generator and thermocycler)
  • Prism3 or Prism6 (multi-color fluorescence imager)
  • Crystal Miner data analysis (software)