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Stilla Technologies Launches Access Program for Industry’s First Six-Color Digital PCR System

New dPCR Platform Offers High Multiplexing and Sensitivity for Advancing Cancer & Liquid Biopsy Studies, Cell & Gene Therapies, Infectious Disease & COVID-19 Research, and Environmental Testing

BOSTON and PARIS, July 28, 2021, – Stilla Technologies, the company innovating the next generation of digital PCR solutions for life science research and molecular diagnostics, is pleased to announce the launch of its 6-Color Digital PCR Access Program which enables early access to the industry’s first Digital PCR system featuring six fluorescent channels for providing the highest multiplexing and detection capacity available on the market today. This represents a broad portfolio expansion of the Company’s original three-color naica® system and includes reagents and digital PCR consumables, automated analytical instrumentation, and turnkey visualization software. The commercial launch of the six-color naica® system is scheduled for Fall 2021.

“There is undeniable value in detecting and quantifying multiple mutations, viruses and biomarkers from a single sample. The cost versus depth tradeoffs of NGS make it impractical for the routine testing of many samples per day, while multiplex qPCR lacks the precise quantitation and exquisite sensitivity offered by digital PCR,” said Matthew Grow, PhD, Vice President Global Marketing and Commercial Operations, Stilla Technologies. “Stilla’s new six-color product offers biomedical researchers and clinicians an unprecedented level of digital multiplexing with no compromises in applications ranging from ultra-sensitive liquid biopsies and SARS-CoV-2 variant detection where rare targets are found in large sample volumes, to the absolute quantitation needed in testing such as DNA methylation, viral titering, and disease-related gene amplifications.”