June the 19th 2019,

Digital PCR Course with the Naica System

Stilla technologies in collaboration with TATAA Biocenter offers you the opportunity to test your samples at this workshop*!

From 9:30 am to 6:00 pm in Gothenburg (Sweden)

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9.30 am: Course registration

10.00 am: “The unique strengths and advantages of Digital PCR” by Mikael Kubista (Professor, CEO & Founder of TATAA Biocenter)

11.00 am: Coffee break

11.30 am: “Discover the simplicity of digital PCR with the Naica System” by Sébastien Avizou (Application Specialist at Stilla Technologies)

12.30 am: Lunch break

2.00 pm: Hands-on digital PCR experiment set-up in the lab (mix preparation and loading in the Sapphire chips)

2.30 pm: Advanced training: dPCR applications and software training

4.10 pm: Coffee break

4.40 pm: Reading and data analysis

5.30 pm: Roundtable discussion: impressions, feedback and applications of the Naica System

6.00 pm: End of course

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*Offer valid for the first 3 registrants: email sarah.jemai@stilla.fr