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Technical Support Question

The Prism3 scanner is not recognized at all by the PC

Go to “control panel” then “device manager” and “Universal Serial Bus controllers”, then check if there is a warming symbol on the PCI card driver named “Renesas USB 3.0 eXtensible” : in this case, right-click on this driver and try to deactivate and reactivate it (or to update it).

———- OR ———-

On the Stilla USB key, find the .zip files, and copy them to : C:/ProgramData/Sensovation/ArrayReader/Calibration. Turn on the Prism3, launch Crystal Reader and scan a chamber to ensure that :

  • The Prism3 USB connection is recognized
  • The image analysis is correctly performed
  • The focus calibration is not wrong (droplets should be in focus)