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Stilla Technologies, Yuzi Holdings and TusPark donate digital PCR Naica™ Systems to help fight coronavirus outbreak in China

A Franco‐Chinese collaboration to better detect the virus and monitor its mutations

Stilla Technologies, a leading provider of pioneering digital PCR (dPCR) solutions for high‐precision genetic analyses, just announced it will be joining an initiative led by Yuzi Holdings and TusPark Science & Technology Service Group (TusPark) to donate two naica® Systems to City of Zhengzhou and City of Xinyang2, in China, to help them better detect the coronavirus and monitor its mutations. As part of the initiative, Cycloud/Apexbio, Stilla’s distributors and business partners in China, will offer technical support, reagents and kits.

“Since the beginning of the outbreak and for several weeks now, the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention has been working with the naica® System, both at the national level and in the city of Shiyan, in Hubei Province. We strongly believe that the naica® System will help strengthen the fight against the  epidemic,” said Daniel Wang, CEO of Tuspark Europe, the European subsidiary of TUSHoldings.