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Stilla Technologies Launches High-Throughput Digital PCR Chip, Plans Six-Color System

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb) – As digital PCR gains widespread acceptance as a workhorse research tool and begins pushing into the clinical market, French company Stilla Technologies is pushing the envelope with a new consumable chip that will enable its naica® digital PCR system to effectively triple its throughput. In addition, the firm is progressing on development of a six-color system to bolster its current three-color detection capabilities, as well as pursuing long-term plans to enter the diagnostics space in collaboration
with assay makers.
Officially launched earlier this month at the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening conference, the new consumable chip, called the Opal, is able to test 240 samples per day on the naica® instrument, according to Caroline Charky, Stilla’s vice-president of commercial operations. It won the New Product Award at the conference.
The Opal uses the same microfluidic technology as the original system which generates droplets within the chip itself, Charky said. The naica® HT platform and Opal chip also require less hands-on time than the original system, and are competitive in terms of pricing, she said.