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Liquid Biopsy Study Highlights Stilla’s Tricolor Droplet PCR System as Firm Preps New 6-Plex Version

In this Genomeweb article, our CEO and founder Rémi Dangla was interviewed about Stilla technologies current and future work.  Stilla Technologies has made a mark in the Digital PCR market with its current projects and is thinking ahead to develop a second-generation system that will meet the customer needs and specifications.

Rémi explains how liquid biopsy became an exciting application for Digital PCR with the use of circulating cell free DNA, circulating tumor cells etc. He highlights Stilla’s historical collaboration with the leading Cancer Research Center Institut Gustave Roussy where they use the naica® System for monitoring advanced non-small cell lung cancer patients.

Stilla Technologies, has been the first to market a reliable 3-color multiplexing capability for clinical applications. Stilla is looking to be the pioneer in the number of multiplexed targets in Digital PCR. Therefore, Stilla is currently working on the new 6-plex version with an easy-to-use readout…