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6-color Digital PCR: Join our June Online Seminars

Watch our June online seminars and learn More about our new 6-color digital PCR system and its set of applications!

Innovation in Digital PCR: Maximizing Data Output from Precious Samples

Date: Thursday, June 11th
Time: 11 AM EST/ 5 PM CET

  • Features of our new 6-color dPCR System
  • Set of applications poised to greatly benefit from the increased multiplexing & high sensitivity of 6-color digital PCR

Liquid biopsy Quantification using 6-color Multiplexing for Cancer Panels

Date: Tuesday, June 23rd
Time: 11 AM EST/ 5 PM CET

  • Single assay quantification of more than 90% of known EGFR mutations
  • Reliable and rapid detection of common mutations found in breast cancer
  • Rectal cancer panel to detect and quantify PIK3CA mutations

Benefits of Crystal Digital PCR™ for Environmental and Food Testing

Date: Tuesday, June 30th
Time: 11 AM EST/ 5 PM CET

  • GMO detection & quantification using high multiplexing Crystal Digital PCR and tolerance to inhibitors
  • Going further- our next innovation- 6-color Crystal Digital PCR