Stilla is exhibiting at the LKI Symposium in Leuven

28th-30th of August, 2017, Leuven (Belgium)

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LKI Symposium – Liquid Biopsies & Cancer in Leuven (Belgium)

28th-30th of August 2017

Stilla at LKI Symposium

At the LKI Symposium in Leuven, Stilla Technologies was represented by Laura Cavé (Sales Application Specialist) and Larry Ba (Key Account Manager).

This event was organized by the Leuven Cancer Institute, the KU Leuven University and the University Hospitals Leuven and was focused on the field of oncology and in particularly in liquid biopsies.

The LKI symposium covered a wide range of topics such as circulating tumor cells, tumor DNA, circulating nucleic acids, cell free circulating DNA and applications of liquid biopsies in various cancers (gynecological cancer, breast cancer, gastrointestinal cancer, lung cancer etc…).

The liquid biopsies topic was ideal for Stilla technologies thanks to the versality of the Naica System which enables liquid biopsy assays. Laura and Larry was able to show the Crystal Digital PCR workflow and explain the use of Stilla’s platform for liquid biopsies.

Our team had the pleasure to meet researchers in different industry (biotechnology, pharmaceutical) and also several specialists in various field (oncology, pathology, hematology, neurology, microfluidics etc…).

If you are currently working on applications of liquid biopsies and if you have questions about the use of the Naica System, please contact us at