& Webinars

 June 30th 

Liquid Biopsy Detection of EGFR Mutations in NSCLC Patients Before and After Osimertinib Therapy

Speakers: Evi Lianidou (University of Athens)

March 11th

Advancing dPCR for various applications

Speakers: Jean Fatien (Stilla Technologies) & Ward De Spiegelaere (University of Ghent)

February 3rd

Design and optimize high multiplexing digital PCR assays with the naica® system 

Speakers: Erik Wendlandt (Integrated DNA Technologies) & Kimberley Gutierrez (Stilla Technologies)

October 20th

Crystal Digital PCR™ for Accurate chimerism monitoring after stem cell transplantation 

Speakers: Elise Gourri, Scientist at Department of Molecular Diagnostics and Flow Cytometry (MOC), Blood Transfusion Service Zurich, Swiss Red Cross & Viviane Sternkopf, Application Specialist at Stilla Technologies.

June 30th

Benefits of Crystal Digital PCR™ for Environmental and Food Testing

Speakers: Romain Parillaud & Alexandra Martin, Application Specialists at Stilla Technologies.

June 26th

Podcast : A coming of Age for digital PCR

Interviewee: Jim Huggett, Ph.D. from the University of Surrey and the National Measurement Laboratory at LGC, United Kingdom

Moderated by Sean Sanders, Ph.D., Science/AAAS.

Produced by Science/AAAS Custom Publishing Office & sponsored by Stilla Technologies

June 23rd 2020

Liquid Biopsy Quantification using 6-color Multiplexing for Cancer Panels

Speakers: Kimberley Gutierrez & Viviane Sternkopf, Application Specialists at Stilla Technologies

June 11th 2020

Innovation in Digital PCR: Maximizing Data Output from Precious Samples

In collaboration with the National Institute of Biology in Slovenia

Speakers: Alexandra Bogožalec Košir, Research Assistant, National Institute of Biology (NIB), Slovenia &  Allison Mallory, Director of Molecular Biology R&D at Stilla Technologies

May 20th 2020

Highly Sensitive Crystal Digital PCR™ Detection Kit for SARS-CoV-2

In collaboration with Cambridge Healthtech Institute

Speaker: Romain Parillaud, PhD, Application Specialist at Stilla Technologies

March 30th 2020

Discover the simplicity of Digital PCR

EMBL Virtual Symposium

Speaker: Alexandra Martin, PhD., Application Specialist at Stilla Technologies

February 27th 2020

Digital PCR Method Development for Accurate Quantification for Copy Number Variations

In Collaboration with LGC

Speaker: Dr. Alexandra Whale

November 19th 2019 

Digital PCR for Tag Copy Number Assessment in CRISPR-Edited Cell Lines

In Collaboration with EMBL Heidelberg

Speaker: Moritz Kueblbeck & Andrea Callegari

September 25th 2019 

History of Digital PCR: (r)evolution in genetic testing & analysis

In Collaboration with Ghent University

Speaker: Dr. Wim Trypsteen

May 22nd 2019

A Digital PCR Liquid Biopsy Workflow for Mutation Detection and Therapeutic Monitoring

In Collaboration with Id-Solutions

Speaker: Dr. Daniel Henaff

September 25th 2018

Implementation of Digital PCR in a Diagnostic Lab:Evaluation of Minimal Residual Disease

In Collaboration with University Hospital of Dijon

Speaker: Dr. Benjamin Tournier

June 12th 2018

Multicolour Digital PCR for ctDNA detection in breast cancer

In Collaboration with Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) London

Speaker: Dr. Isaac Garcia-Murillas

October 24th 2017

Identification of MRSA using 3-colour Crystal Digital PCR

In Collaboration with LGC London

Speaker: Dr. Denise O’Sullivan

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