Talent Acquisition Specialist

Stilla is hiring a Talent Acquisition Specialist

The Talent acquisition Specialist will be responsible for the hiring & on-boarding process at Stilla. He/She coordinates with every manager of each team at Stilla to help them hire, on-board & evaluate new employees. He/She will also be responsible to implement processes & tools to scale both hiring & on-boarding process at Stilla, in a effort to rapidly scale-up the company’s talents.

1. Hire
– Define an effective hiring process from sourcing to first interview to support the organization growth (CRM tools, write job offer templates etc…)
– Develop Stilla’s “employer brand” in order to sell the company and attract the best profiles
– Help manager to hire the best profiles:
Post job offers on relevant job boards
Select CVs
Perform phone calls, first interviews, practical cases, final interview etc…
– Select & work with the best headhunting firms for specific positions
– Participate to Congresses & “salons grandes écoles »

2. On-board
– Improve the on-boarding process to make it scalable
– Organize and participate to weekly on-boarding
– Help managers to build training sessions

3. Evaluate candidate performance
– Prepare documentation to be able to evaluate candidate performance quickly


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