Instrument Project Manager

Stilla is hiring an Instrument Project Manager

The Instrument Project Manager leads the development of two instruments for the next-generation of the Naica system: (i) the Naica Geode, a pressurized thermocycler, and (ii) the Naica Prism, a fluorescence microscope. He/she manages a team of experts and several key subcontractors. He/she is responsible for the overall product development, timeline, budget as well as regulatory compliance. The Instrument Project Manager reports to the Director of Hardware R&D.

1. Manage the development of new instruments
– Write functional and technical specifications along with Marketing
– Plan in detail the overall product development and track progresses
– Coordinate and follow-up a team of experts (software, mechanics, …)
– Ensure all projects are delivered on-time and within specs
– Create and maintain a comprehensive documentation compliant to ISO 13485

2. Manage subcontractors to develop individual parts for the instruments
– Specify requirements in term of performance, quality and quantity
– Source pertinent partners
– Negotiate and sign partnership agreements for the development
– Monitor the outsourced development and report the progress
– Test or oversee the test of the prototypes
– Create and maintain a comprehensive documentation compliant to ISO 13485

3. Transfer to Production and Product Life Management
– Transfer the project knowledge to the Operations team
– Support for the OEM contract negotiation
– Contribute to the production line design
– Ensure continuous product improvement based on customer feedback, and document change management


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