Digital PCR Senior Scientist

Stilla is hiring a Digital PCR Senior Scientist

The Senior Scientist will coordinate internal and collaborative R&D, ensuring that projects are completed in a timely manner, and according to the highest scientific standards. To achieve this goal, extensive interaction will be required with the Applications – Molecular Biology team, as well as other R&D departments within Stilla. The Senior Scientist will be expected to contribute to project design, as well as demonstrate scientific leadership by proposing new avenues of research.
A strong technical expertise in various techniques, such as digital PCR, qPCR, microscopy, cell biology and protein analysis (western blots, immunostaining etc) is required to ensure adequate supervision of the different projects.

• Ensure projects are led and completed according to pre-established timelines
• Ensure the adequate repartition of resources and personnel depending on project needs
• Communicate detailed project plans to the team
• Ensure tasks and deadlines are fully understood by the team
• Provide scientific and technical guidance on projects to the team
• Develop new techniques and protocols as needed
• Propose and implement new R&D projects
• Use appropriate project management tools for monitoring progress
• Write-up results for presentations, marketing materials and peer-reviewed publications
• Report regularly to hierarchy on project progress

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