What is fluorescence spillover ?

Fluorescence spillover describes the process by which a fluorescent signal, aimed to be detected only in a given detection channel, is also detected in the adjacent detection channel. This can lead to errors in quantification, it is therefore extremely important to correct this post- acquisition by applying fluorescence spillover compensation. Please refer to the Crystal [...]

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How do I know if the focus value is good ?

Visualize the droplets crystal of your chip by using the mouse scroll to zoom in the image : it should not be blurred. The flag corresponding to the sharpness should be green. If it is green and orange or orange, here is how to proceed : please verify that the chip or/and the holder [...]

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How can I edit the focus value ?

We recommend that you change the focus by doing an automated focus calibration : place a chip (containing droplets with at least fluorescein in the B or C chamber) in the second position of the holder. Then log in as a manager, go in the “Settings” window and click on the “focus calibration” button. [...]

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How is the automatic threshold calculated ?

The automated estimation is performed such that you obtain the maximum separability between the positive and the negative droplet populations, while minimizing the intra-population value dispersion. You can manually adjust it (by right-cliking on the threshold) but please note that within an experiment, the threshold value will be the same for all chambers. [...]

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