What are the compatible fluorophores?

You may use any fluorophore you wish with the Naica system, provided that their spectra fall within the excitation/ emission spectra of the Prism3. Blue channel: Em 415-480 nm/ Ex 495-520 nm ; Green: Ex 530-550 nm/ Em 560-610 nm; Red: Ex 615-645 nm/ Em 655-720 nm.

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I want to perform experiment using intercalating dye?

You may use EvaGreen®, please refer to the "Crystal Digital PCR™ Using EvaGreen" Application Note available here https://www.stillatechnologies.com/crystal-digital-pcr-using-evagreen/ for detailed instructions. Please make sure to use the correct analysis configuration file associated with this protocol. For more information or queries, please contact our Support Team at support@stilla.fr or support@stillla-inc.com (North America)

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