What are the “excluded” droplets ? Why are they excluded ?

The image analysis algorithm of Crystal Miner discriminates between true droplets and artefacts based on the following criteria: Size : a true droplet should have a minimum diameter and maximum diameter Shape : a true droplet should have a minimum circularity and a maximum eccentricity Texture : a true droplet should have a texture that [...]

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The software recognizes a very low droplet count, even if I can see that they are more droplets in the chamber

There are several reasons why this could be happening: -the basal fluorescence of the droplets is too low (please check that you have added 100 nM fluorescein), - the droplets are compacted and tend to overlap each other. In that case, place the Sapphire chips back into the Geode, and run the "unstacking.js" script to [...]

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Crystal Miner is too slow

For optimal use, the experiment analysis step can be performed either on the Naica™ PC provided by Stilla or on any other PC (portable or fixed PC) which has the following specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 in 64 bits o RAM: at least 16 Go Processors: Intel Core i5 or higher, at least 2 cores of [...]

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The software sends an error message when it is started, saying that a “msvcpxxx.dll” library is missing

Download and install libraries "Redistributable Visual C++ for Visual Studio 2015" and "Redistribuable Visual C++ for Visual Studio 2013" using these two links : https://www.microsoft.com/frfr/download/confirmation.aspx?id=48145 https://www.microsoft.com/frfr/download/confirmation.aspx?id=40784 Warning : please check that you are downloading the x64 processor version of the redistributables

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