“Lid cannot be opened”

When the measured pressure is higher than 300 mbars, a pneumatic lock prevents the lock to be opened for security purposes. In all cases, you should wait for the current pressure to be lower than 20mbars and the current temperature to be lower than 40C before opening the lid. If the waiting time is longer [...]

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“Power failure”

Depending on the time power has been out, choose to restart or abort the experiment. Please note that if the pressure within the Geode has decreased below 850 mBar and/ or the temperature of the hot plate has decreased to room temperature, you may not be able to obtain results from your experiment.

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What are the “excluded” droplets ? Why are they excluded ?

The image analysis algorithm of Crystal Miner discriminates between true droplets and artefacts based on the following criteria: Size : a true droplet should have a minimum diameter and maximum diameter Shape : a true droplet should have a minimum circularity and a maximum eccentricity Texture : a true droplet should have a texture that [...]

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