How digital PCR is Transforming Genetic Testing

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Achieve greater precision, accuracy and sensitivity and unlock new insights from your data …

dPCR is currently being applied by hundreds of innovative researchers around the world in areas such as

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Why choose Stilla® as your provider and partner in digital PCR solutions?

  • Next level sensitivity and precision
  • End-to-end, scalable solution
  • Simplified workflow
  • Results in under 3 hours
  • Free, open and easy to use supporting analys1s software
  • Off-the shelf panels available
  • Supportive, expert team ready to help you choose the correct products for your needs.
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A Stream-lined 4 Step Workflow

The workflow for our naica® Solution includes just one simplified manual step, gives results in under 3 hours and reduces capacity for false readings

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Intuitive Analysis Software

Make the most of your date with our Crystal Miner software.

lt is a license-free, easy to use method of analysing your results securely with a trustworthy quality control, dozens · of pre-built tools

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We aren’t just suppliers – we act as long term innovation partners for our clients.

Our passionate team of experts are ready to support your needs in setting up new and bespoke projects, as well as our off-the-shelf solutions (see more below).

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