What is digital PCR ?

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Digital PCR (dPCR) is a powerful tool for the precise and highly sensitive quantification of nucleic acids. The technology has application in the detection of rare events detection but can also benefit other assays such as copy number variation.

Assays are currently applied to a wide range of applications such as oncology, infectious diseases, environmental testing, prenatal diagnosis, organ transplant, etc.

Who should consider digital PCR ?

Digital PCR is for organisations looking to play a leading role in the next level of genetic analysis. Stilla® products are for the innovators focused on achieving the best precision, accuracy and sensitivity available, white also reducing time time to
results and gaining deeper levels of insights from their data.

Our Crystal Digital PCR™ solution is being used in areas such as …

Every day, we are proud to work with teams around the world who are discovering new, exciting ways to utilise the technology. Chat to our team to find out if there’s an opportunity for you too.

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Why choose Stilla® as your provider and partner in digital PCR solutions?

  • Next level sensitivity and precision
  • End-to-end, scalable solution
  • Simplified workflow
  • Results in under 3 hours.
  • Free, open and easy to use supporting analys1s software
  • Off-the shelf panels available.
  • Supportive, expert team ready to help you select the correct products for your challenge.
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