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Stilla’s webinar in collaboration with Genomeweb and University Hospital of Dijon on Tuesday 25th of September 2018

Implementation of Digital PCR in a Diagnostic Lab: Evaluation of Minimal Residual Disease by Dr Benjamin Tournier, University Hospital of Dijon


Speaker’s Bio

After completing a molecular biology thesis about genetic and epigenetic alterations in stage II colon cancers, Benjamin started working on liquid biopsy pre-analytics and analyses in 2016, in the molecular pathology department of the Dijon University Hospital. He is particularly involved in digital PCR assays development and he recently graduated with a degree in NGS.


This webinar describes the implementation of a digital PCR system in an academic hospital setting to manage the treatment of cancer patients.

Benjamin Tournier, from the molecular pathology department of University Hospital Dijon, will share details of his lab’s liquid biopsy setup, which is using the naica® 3-color Crystal Digital PCR system from Still Technologies to manage melanoma and lung cancer patients under targeted therapy.

During this webcast you will :

  • Gain a better understanding of the liquid biopsy process for metastatic melanoma and lung cancer patients
  • Understand the naica® System workflow and its advantages
  • Learn the benefits of digital PCR for the detection of circulating tumor DNA, circulating tumor cells, and circulating tumor exosomes in liquid biopsy
  • Understand the advantages of digital PCR for monitoring patients and their treatment